Why and How to Clean your Plants


Plants are part of us, plants give life to our homes, that beautiful green color can change a room.

Cleaning the leaves of your indoor plants is very important and it doesn’t have to be a boring task. Cleaning them regularly can help them to stay vibrant and healthy.

There are many many ways on how we can take care of them, and I don’t only mean putting water.

The way we clean our plant is very important for them and for our environment.

Why to clean them

Dirt, dust and mud on your plants’ leaves are blocking the sunlight and slowing the process of photosynthesis.

When the plant isn’t getting enough sunlight the growth will slow down and it can make them more susceptible to illness.

How to clean them?

We are proposing you a very easy, cheap and old trick that we love. With this method you will not use any chemicals, sponge, cotton or tissue.

Because it is environment friendly you will only need a banana peel.

With the inside of the banana peel, rub the leaves carefully, the peel will remove the dust and stain that plants accumulate.

This is a perfect way if you want to keep your plant and your home free of chemical and free of toxins.

Now that we gave a second use to the banana peel. Don’t forget to put the banana peel on your compost after you use it.


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