Traveling After the Pandemic


Over the past few weeks we have seen photos of how lakes, rivers and our oceans have cleared up, some countries are able to see the mountains again after 30 something years.

And Croatia isn’t away from what we have seen online. I have seen photos of dolphins around beaches and the sea has been clean like never before.

After the pandemic, I want to see where the government and the people would go to keep this beautiful country clean. I’m just hoping for a better, cleaner, social and sustainable one. I’m a big dreamer.

When this pandemic has passed, we still need to fix the environment.

As we all know many tourists come to our country every year, and it has created a problem for our environment. We have problems with our water system, canalization and garbage.

Every summer more than 15 millions people come to our country, and yes, Croatian economy depends on that, but don’t you think that Croatian government should do something about it? They need to take measurements for our environmental problems now.

I don’t think governments are doing their job fast enough to take care of our planet so the only way is that we need to take a step forward and start with a few changes when we travel.

What to do if you like to travel and you want to be more sustainable

Tips on eco-friendly travel

· Reusable bottle

Plastic bottles create a lot of waste and we get thirty very often so bring your own bottle from home and you can use it many times.

· Reusable shopping bag

Avoiding using plastic bags is a must for everybody not only for a person that wants to be more sustainable. Pack and carry your reusable shopping bag with you wherever you go.

· Solid shampoo and soap

This is an amazing eco-friendly travel option and it’s becoming very popular, it’s very easy to buy before or during your vacation. And it is very easy to store, it doesn’t weigh much and doesn’t use much space. It is perfect to travel.

· Reusable cutlery, straw and containers

Avoid wasteful packaging and single-use plastic. It’s always good. If you order from a takeaway food place, always ask the vendor to put your order in the containers and always tell them that you don’t need cutlery and straw. You can use the reusable containers to buy at the local bakery and green market. Always ask the vendor if it’s possible to use your reusable. They will all agree.

· Menstrual cup

Every person with a uterus worries about vacations and menstruation, we want to enjoy going to the beach or being outside all day. With the cup you will be able to enjoy all those things. Menstrual cup is the best change when it comes to reducing waste.

· Encourage your accommodation to start eco-friendly program.

· Buy local made products

Items that are shipped from far away have a much larger carbon footprint.

Small changes on how to be an eco-friendly host

If you have a hostel, apartment or any private accommodation you could encourage your guest to take action and to be more eco-friendly.

You could be the example for them to start or they can encourage you to start.

· Use eco-friendly cleaning products

· Have a recycling and compost program

· Provide reusable bottle so your guest can use

· No single-use plastic


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