Time to Replace Plastic Item


We all want to have a cleaner, greener and eco-friendly city and country, but we can’t wait until the government in charge tell us what to do and how to do it.

The first and small advice I can give you if you want to lead a more environmentally (less trash) friendly life is to start little by little.

Buying thousands of things and trying to change your habits in one day will be ineffective and unsustainable over time.

What to replace first

Start by replacing one item at a time (use what you have at home). Think about what a typical week is for you in terms of what products you use.

Identify what is that item that you use and buy on a daily basis.

It can be that everyday coffee at the office or the bottle of water you are buying at the store everyday, the plastic straw that you get every time you order a cedevita or the plastic bag that you accept when you shop at the green market.

Once you choose the item that you will say goodbye forever, commit to carrying the reusable option and make sure to use it, for at least a month.

Don’t Stress

Don’t stress if there are days when you forgot it at home or forgot to say “no bag please.” It has happened to all of us, the day will soon come when that bag, that bottle, that straw will no longer be invisible and you will not be able to avoid thinking about where all those things are going and how much plastic continues to accumulate without stopping and nobody seems to care.

If you’re reading, I’m sure you probably already care.

If it seems to you that a small action by a single person does not have a big impact, just calculate on how many of those disposables you use daily and then calculate how many there are per year, I assure you that it is a BIG amount.

Also, when other people see you using reusable items, they are likely to be attracted on what you are doing and for sure they will ask you, you never know the impact of your actions and the example you can have on other people!

Let’s not forget that plastic isn’t biodegradable and every piece of plastic ever made is still somewhere on the planet (micro-plastic). It can be in the ocean, our food or even already inside us. 

Here you a list of the most used disposables and their reusable option

Whatever you choose, we hope it means only the beginning of a series of positive changes, for you and those around you.

  1. Plastic Bag – Reusable Bag (fabric, cotton)
  2. Metal or Plastic foil – BeeWax wraps
  3. Plastic Bottle – Reusable Bottle
  4. Plastic Straw – Reusable Straw (if you really need it)
  5. Shampoo in Plastic Bottle – Solid bar Shampoo
  6. Liquid Soap – Soap bar
  7. Plastic toothbrush – Bamboo toothbrush


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