How to Make a DIY Coffee Face and Body Scrub


One of the best ways to clean and exfoliate your skin is with natural products. Don’t put on your skin what you wouldn’t put in your mouth.

We all know that Croatians drink a lot of coffee every single day and instead of throwing that beautiful brown powder to the garbage or to the compost we could give it another use.

Once I bought coffee scrub for face and body in lush and when I finished using it I realized that I could make my own so I decided to start making my own. It is a great scrub for your face and body after you use it you will see how your skin shines and how soft it feels.

You can always add more ingredients (sugar, honey, oats and even salt) or just follow this very simple recipe.

I recommend using it twice per week.

DIY Coffee Scrub Recipe

– ½ cup of coffee (I use the one that I drink)

– ½ cup of olive oil or coconut oil

– 1 spoon of water

The coffee grounds exfoliant will clean and remove your dead skin cells, improve blood circulation and hydrate your skin.


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